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RME QuadMic preamp

4-channel portable microphone preamp with line outputs

Artikelcode: Std-Mi-Rm-01

RME QuadMic preamp

The balanced line level output signals are available at the back of the unit via 4 stereo TRS jacks. The output reference level can be chosen between HiGain or +4 dBu, making the QuadMic fully compatible to RME's ADI-8 series and all HDSPs with analog inputs. RME's universal rackmount holder can be used to fit the QuadMic into any 19" rack. The included professional switching power supply offers safe operation world wide, even when the power lines are weak or noisy.
Operates with voltages ranging from 7-38V DC, 7-27V AC. Operation with practically any power source, including batteries and rechargeable batteries 
100% humfree through internal switching regulators 
High-quality switching power supply included, for worldwide operation at 100-240 Volt 
Max. input level +11 dBu 
Max. output level +21 dBu 
SNR: 129 dB EIN @ 150 Ohm 
THD: < 0.006% @ 30 dB Gain 
Wide frequency response with special RF input filters 
Frequency response: 5 Hz - 200 kHz, - 0.5 dB 
Hi-pass at 80 Hz, 18 dB/oct 
Phantom power +48 Volt switchable per channel 
Unbeatable price/performance ratio! 

The QuadMic offers a high-tech, state-of-the-art design - exactly what 'Made in Germany' is famous for. And if you believe that beauty lies within, take a look inside this outstanding unit, and you'll wonder how something so impressive could cost so little. Go ahead... look inside! You know you want to. 

euro 439.00