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Korg Krossfour

Video mixer

Artikelcode: DVJ-0201-02

Korg Krossfour

Following the KAOSS PAD entrancer – the audio/video effect processor that has earned a major following with VJs and video artists for its intuitive touchpad interface – Korg now unleashes another bombshell: the krossfour. Packed into a compact body, its simple layout is optimized for realtime operation, giving you intuitive and free control over any type of video source. In addition to simple mixing/switching, the krossfour offers luma-key and chroma-key effects, background color generation and more. When teamed up with the KAOSS PAD entrancer, you can now create Video mixing and switching effects that were not possible with the KAOSS PAD entrancer alone.


• Video mixer/switcher with up to four inputs
• Simple and easy-to-use layout designed for realtime performance
• A crossfader with four unique fader curves allow video performance expressions that are quick and musical
• Crossfader features a blue LED indicator for great visibility even in dark clubs
• Built-in TBC ensures stable and synchronized images
• Advanced features includes Black, White and Blue background color settings, chroma key compositing (“blue-screen” effects), and luminance key compositing
• Two HOLD switches let you freeze the image from any input
• Monitor output lets you conveniently check an input signal for cueing and previewing, or can also be used as a sub-output

euro 499.00