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Korg Kaptivator

Dynamic Video Station

Artikelcode: DVJ-0201-01

Korg Kaptivator


• First of its kind video performance instrument featuring a familiar and intuitive interface.
• Fast and smooth operation of multiple tasks, from video sampling to playback, mixing, effects and final output.
• The kaptivator can sample and save up to 800 video “clips.” Use the sixteen clip pads to access and play individual clips.
• The clip pads are arranged in groups; eight in Group A and eight in Group B. You can play and mix a clip from each group, allowing two simultaneous sources. The external video input provides a third source.
• Two built-in LCD screens allow you to monitor the live video input and output, as well as your saved clips. Each screen is also equipped with a monitor output.
• Multi-mode LCD screens allow the video content of all 16 pads to be seen in a single glance.
• Easily add effects like speed change, reverse, random playback, and scratch during playback. 
• Rotary, slider and ribbon controllers provide simultaneous control of multiple operations.
• Fifteen types of routing schemes let you select a variety of insert points from among the internally stored video, external input video, and mixes of these sources.
• Fifteen effects including Invert, Blurring, Colorize and more provide dynamic manipulation and enhancement of any video performance. 
• One hundred editable “Style” setups instantly recall video signal routing, effects and controller combinations. 
• The Motion Sequence function can record and play back controller movements and effect changes. You can save and recall 100 Motion Sequences.
• The audio trigger input can detect BPM or dynamics from an external audio source, allowing the music to control the video playback.
• The playback speed of each video clip can be set to match the tempo of the music by specifying a BPM setting and a BPM synchronization style.
• The "Main Out Capture" function (*provisional name) provides an eight second buffer to capture the signal from the main output. This can be resampled after applying effects, mixing or overdubbing the signal – or even used as a third video source. 
• DV connection can accept or send digital video format (DV) signals to or from a DV camera.
• PAL and NTSC compatible.
• PAL/NTSC conversion is provided. Video recorded in either format can be used.
• Preset samples of original video created by front-line VJs and video artists is provided.

Control Your Creative Vision
The kaptivator is a revolutionary new device that puts VJs and video artists in control of their creative vision. Delivering excellent feeling hardware, dedicated system reliability and unique functionality, the kaptivator allows new video expression, covering the demands of both VJ work and video performance.

The new kaptivator dynamic video station provides infinite possibilities. A variety of video sources can be sampled and played back using the sixteen clip pads. Up to three sources can be processed by fifteen types of effects – including mix, colorize, blur and invert. The simple and intuitive interface allows real-time expression and control of the effects via the rotary knobs, slider and ribbon controller. Special video processes that are considered high-load in most compression formats – such as playback speed adjustment, reverse and scratching – can be executed quickly. 

With features available only on the kaptivator, the potential for sophisticated and creative video expression is staggering. The Style function can instantly access a comprehensive set of parameters, including video signal routing, effects and controller combinations. Our Motion Sequence function captures and plays back controller movements, and a Main Out Capture function (*provisional name) lets you resample the final output. The kaptivator contains two built-in LCD monitors, making it easy to check the video images before and after mixing and processing. The screen shows the sixteen images stored in the clip pads, letting you instantly access the video clip you want to play. Taking full advantage of its dedicated hardware design, the kaptivator uses an original video format to guarantee fast response and stable operation. 

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