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Dual coil long excursion bass reflex

Artikelcode: Std-Sub-Em-02


A Compact Sub – that can deliver really good low end?!?! 
28 Hz on the AMBER HR. If you need more then you still have the option to stack two of them together!
To achieve these figures in a compact sized cabinet, you need a specially designed driver – the EMES XLS-Driver!
This 10 inch dual coil long excursion Fibreglass Membrane 
XLS-driver is a very low compression driver with a coil excursion of +/- 16mm.
The driver is constructed in such a way so that the air, normally sealed in the Air gap of the magnet system, can circulate. Finally the Airflow is nearly non resistant to the coil movement, which results in a very accurate (linear) membrane excursion. The Impulse response and Low End precision is really remarkable for Sub-Bass unit this small! And there is no heat related compression either! 
To support the driver specs we have equipped the removable active electronics with a powerful 2 x 160W amplifier module! 

The AMBER / AMBER HR has everything on board to allow the units to be used as a Sub-Woofer for multi channel applications, plus functions and controls dedicated to use with our near fields to build a modular 3 way Monitoring system.
Balanced XLR - Input and Output connectors for 3 channels (L/C/R) are implemented, these can be used simultaneously as inputs and filtered outputs. The Filter section can be set to operate at 80Hz or 150Hz and be turned off for Surround applications. If the Subs are to be placed in a different listening distance the relative phase can be controlled separately by dipswitches in a wide range from 0 to 360 degrees to get optimal time alignment. The value per Step is 30 degree (equal -35cm at 80Hz). Also the Input level is adjustable by dip switched from +6dB down to - 25dB.
A useful feature of the EMES Sub-Bass units is, especially if they are used as frequency extension units for our Near field monitors (MODUMO™), is to bypass the filter section. The signal path than can then be monitored frequency extended (Off), or non extended (On)!

Technical specification:

System design  Dual coil long excursion bass reflex  
Lower cut off frequency 28 Hz (-3dB)  
Frequency responce free field 28 - 2.000 Hz (±3dB)  
Maximum output, sine wave 118 dB  
Maximum output, long term, (RMS) 115 dB  
harmonic distortion at SPL <100Hz 1,60%  
harmonic distortion at SPL >100Hz 0,50%  
Bass driver 1 x 25cm fiberglas  
shielded version  no  
weight 32,2 Kg  
dimensions w/h/d in mm 380 x 480 x 450 mm  
Electronic AMBER HR 
Type of input connector 3 x XLR, female (L/C/R)  
Type of output connector 3 x XLR, male(L/C/R)  
Input Impedance  10 kOhm  
Input level adjustment 32 steps from 0,45 - 4,5V  
Low pass filter 20 Hz / 18dB  
X-Over frequency  80 / 150 Hz  
X-over by-pass / woofer mute yes  
phase polarity (degree) 0/180  
phsae control (degree) 30/60/90/120/150  
RMS output Bass-amp 2x160 W  
distortion at acoustic max. output 0,4%  
signal to noise ration -102 dB  
kind of power supply  analog  
operating voltage 115/230 V +/- 20%  
power consumtion at max. output 340 W, 25 W stand by