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Apple Logic Express 7

Audio editing software [Mac]

Artikelcode: Mmd-0201-01

Apple Logic Express 7


GarageBand Integration 
Import GarageBand projects and take them to the next level. 
Add any combination of 37 high-quality effect plug-ins to the mix. 
Compose with 18 expressive software instrument plug-ins.(1) 
Apple Loops 
Select from more than 1,000 Apple Loops to add color to any song. 
Multi-track Input/Output 
Use up to 12 input and output audio channels.(2) 
Record control settings for mixing, effects and software instruments. 
Create, edit and print music scores with comprehensive notation editor. 
iTunes Integration 
Import and export songs from iTunes to hear tracks on your iPod. 
Track Mixer 
Record, mix and adjust on up to 255 stereo tracks on 8 audio buses. 
No Hardware Limits 
Freeze tracks to expand plug-in capacity during production. 
MIDI Editing 
Enjoy fine control of MIDI editing and processing. 
Easy Setup 
Use the Setup Assistant for easy system configuration. 
Customize your setup with user-definable key and MIDI commands. 
Professional Audio 
Edit with high-quality audio resolution of up to 24-bit/96kHz.(3) 
Virtual Studio 
Layering up to 64 simultaneous software instrument tracks. 

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