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Upgrade van Nuendo 2 naar Nuendo 4

Audio eduting [PC / Mac]

Artikelcode: Mmd-0202-03

Upgrade van Nuendo 2 naar Nuendo 4

Nuendo 4 - Advanced Audio and Post Production System 
Delivering a next-generation audio production environment for audio post, studio production and live recording, Nuendo 4 empowers audio professionals by elevating creativity and productivity to new heights. Technologically advanced yet extraordinarily intuitive and fully customizable, Nuendo 4 offers streamlined, precision tools that save time and boost creativity for audio professionals in today’s media, recording and film industries. Nuendo 4 provides scaleable, cross-platform systems that integrate easily and fully with premiere components by industry-leading plug-in and hardware manufacturers. Steinberg technologies provide unprecedented power, flexibility and speed, accelerating recording, mixing, editing and sound design workflows to an unprecedented level. 

State-of-the-art digital audio production environment 
Crystal-clear 32-bit audio engine with full surround throughout 
Faster, more efficient workflow with dedicated tools, options and features 
Complete set of next-generation VST3 surround effect plug-ins 
Utilizes best available audio and computer hardware and plug-ins, including Advanced Integration of Steinberg and Yamaha hardware 
Advanced new automation system for full control 
Powerful Control Room integrates into any monitoring setup 
Innovative Network Collaboration for multi-seat projects via LAN or WAN 
Full project exchange with other leading audio and video editing systems 
Cross platform for latest Windows and Macintosh operating systems

New Features
Nuendo 4 offers a state-of-the-art automation system, which combines with new recording functionality and Track Preset management features to speed up audio production workflows. A next-generation VST3 effect plug-in suite, the innovative MediaBay database, new editing commands and the Track Quick Controls raise production efficiency and quality to new heights.

New in Nuendo 4.2
With the introduction of the 4.2 update Steinberg refreshes Nuendo by introducing extensive support for Yamaha KS and Yamaha Motif XS series as well as for the Steinberg MR816 CSX/X Advanced Integration DSP Studio and the CC121 Advanced Integration Controller. Nuendo 4.2 is also a major maintenance release for Nuendo 4, and also includes several workflow enhancements and improvements.

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