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Earthworks SR30, matched

SR30 30kHz multi-purpose cardioid condenser microphone

Earthworks SR30, matched

Earthworks cardioid microphones have patented near-perfect cardioid patterns. The sound across the entire front hemisphere is remarkably uniform and is flatter at 90 degrees than most microphones are on-axis. The SR Series have an incredible transparent sound quality, offering near-perfect polar response and high rejection of sounds at the rear of the microphone, resulting in less leakage and more gain before feedback.

    Extended frequency response to 30kHz
    Multi-purpose cardioid microphone
    More gain before feedback than other microphones
    Less leakage
    Textbook perfect cardioid polar pattern with natural on- and off-axis performance
    Provides excellent results for both live performance and recording applications
    Extreme accuracy in the time domain for faithful reproduction and no smearing or distortion
    Transparent sound quality
    Shorter diaphragm settling time to prevent quieter attacks from being blurred by earlier louder attacks

2371.00  euro 2200.00